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Lake Erie Outdoors Safety Course

50304 John Wise Line, Aylmer, Ontario, N5H 2R5
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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as Andre G. Verhaeghe. I am a certified ATV Rider Instructor by the Canada Safety Council. I am available to perform such training at your club, your place or at Lake Erie Outdoors, on weekends or by appointment.

As you know, Governing Agencies, Canada Safety Council, all manufacturers, etc. recommend that ATV riders take a safety course. It is not mandatory but can be beneficial and is great for public relations.

Cost of the courses, vary as to location, number of persons per course.

Adults (over 16 years of age). Total of 8 participants per class.

Juniors (12 to 15 years of age). Total of 6 participants per class.

Child (6 to 11 years of age). Total of 4 participants per class.

The course usually takes from 5.5 Hours to 7 Hours to complete. The practice range should be non-paved area, 200 Feet by 200 Feet in size.

Canada Safety Council does not actively advocate ATV use by persons under the age of 16, however training is available at the request of the parents and or legal guardians. For child courses a parent and or legal guardian must attend with the child.

For additional information, please contact me by phone or by email anytime.


Andre G. Verhaeghe



Meeting Location Joe Thornton Community Center 75 Caso Crossing,St. Thomas

in the OhiOntario room (Upstairs above the ice).

Club meetings are the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM

Members refer to your club emails for trail status.


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